3 easy hairstyles for the summer

Looking for easy summer hair inspiration? Here are easy steps to achieve a variety of summer hairstyles using NUORI’s haircare and hair accessories.


Image: @hanneketsujimaru

The Copenhagen, tousled and soft:

Would you like to look as if you’ve just hopped off your bike to grab a pastry and coffee with a friend in Nørrebro? Luckily, this style is best achieved by honoring your natural texture; soft and effortless is the Danish way.

Step 1: Ideally, cleanse and condition hair with the Vital Shampoo and Conditioner the evening before. To most effectively rinse the conditioner, remember to comb through hair with Detangling Comb in the shower.

Step 2: Gently remove 70% of the water with a non-abrasive towel. Shake Shield Spray and apply to damp hair from root to tip. Comb through with Detangling Comb.

Step 3: Use a hairdryer or let air dry, whichever helps your natural hair texture shine. Apply a couple of drops of the Perfecting Facial Oil to hands, warm, and apply to hair ends if they need extra moisture. Once hair is dry, gently pull hair on top of head and secure with silk scrunchie or wrap in a soft sock. This will help maintain volume and easy texture in the morning.

Step 4: In the morning, gently comb through hair with Detangling Comb and part hair in desired location. Shake the Fresh’Air Dry Shampoo and apply a couple puffs at the root on either side of part. Distribute into scalp with a fingertip massage. This product will help keep your hair bouncy and clean all day long.

Step 5: Shake Shield Spray and lightly mist onto ends of hair, using fingers to twist hair into gentle waves, or articulate curls. This will help protect hair from pollution and free radicals as you ride through town.

Image: @onlydecolove

The Santa Monica, textured and beachy:

You only have a little bit of time to style your hair between beach walks and work calls! We want to help control dirt and oil after the yoga class, but also maintain the look achieved from the refreshing beach air. Pull on your cut off shorts, oversized white button-up shirt, and Birkenstocks; this style is classically SoCal.

Step 1: Keep scalp and hair cleansed with the Vital Shampoo and conditioned with the Vital Conditioner at least once a week. 

Step 2: In between washes, regularly brush hair with the Revitalizing Hair Brush. Distributing the natural oils in the hair will keep hair shiny, soft, and maintain your scalp’s health.

Step 3: Shake and apply the Fresh’Air Dry Shampoo to the scalp during your evening routine. Massage in with fingertips. This is the easiest way to achieve fresh, voluminous, and textured hair in the morning.

Step 4: In the morning, shake and apply a light mist of the Shield Spray all over hair. Gently ‘scrunch’ and twist hair to create beachy waves and windblown texture.

Step 5: Keep the Fresh’Air Dry Shampoo, Detangling Comb, and Pocket Mirror in your bag for on-the-go touch ups.

Image: @inmono.style

The New York, polished and pulled back:

We love this look as it can take you from zoom call to alfresco happy hour without effort. It works best on one (or three) day old hair, so skip the hair cleanse for the easiest styling. Bonus points for pairing with a bold lip color, simple pair of hoop earrings, and crisp linen shirtdress.

Step 1: Brush through hair with Revitalizing Hair Brush. The bristles effectively distribute the natural oils to help tame flyaways and smooth away knots.

Step 2: Part hair in the middle or slightly off to the side.

Step 3: Shake Shield Spray and lightly mist onto hair from root to tip. Brush again to thoroughly distribute product and set the part. If hair is uncooperative, try emulsifying a small amount of your favorite pomade (or a couple drops of the Perfecting Facial Oil) in your hands and press down from root to tip.

Step 4: Pull hair into low ponytail just above the nape with a thin elastic. Twist hair around the elastic to create a bun. Pin into place with bobby pins. Pin aside bangs with bobby pins or decorative clips.

Step 5: Apply a final spritz of Shield Spray, as needed. Put the final polished look into place with a gentle swipe of the Revitalizing Hair Brush.

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