NUORI Destinations: Anita Falslund, Beauty Esthetician

Esthetician and skincare expert Anita Falslund is a household name in her native Copenhagen and for good reason. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, she’s earned a reputation for having a meticulous touch and a true understanding of the respective needs of all skin types – which we know is a hard code to crack. In 2015 she won the Danish Beauty Award for The Best Facial and has since become a judge for the competition. So, it’s safe to say that she knows what she’s talking about.

NUORI met with Anita to chat with her about her journey and what self-care rituals she practices.

 Anita began her career in beauty in Copenhagen, where she worked as a makeup artist. She moved her practice to California where she gained popularity among celebrities and also trained as a hairdresser. After eight years in The Golden State, Anita decided it was time to return to her roots in Copenhagen, and she started down the path that would lead to her becoming an acclaimed esthetician.

Anita has since left the spa and opened her namesake clinic in Copenhagen. Anita's philosophy combines an intuitive understanding of skin with mind-body awareness to create a personalized treatment for each customer that is nothing less than exceptional. "Beauty is more than meets the eye," says Anita, "which is why we focus on guiding clients through a daily regimen that supports longevity and positive results, from the inside out.” The clinic itself feels far from clinical. "I wanted to create a serene, luxurious space as a retreat that encourages you to take a break from the daily stressors and distractions."

Three Questions for Anita

Favorite product? 
Lip Treat, a daily essential for both me and my clients.  
Why did you choose to use NUORI products? 
I’m very cautious about the products I choose, as many of them contain perfumes and artificial coloring. With NUORI’s 100% natural, freshly blended formulas, I’m able to give my clients simple products that work. Ones that easily can be incorporated into their daily regimen.    
How do you take care of yourself? 
I enjoy working out, as it gives me inner peace, treating myself to an at-home face mask and massages. It’s important to me to practice self-love and care all year round. Do something good for yourself; it really does make that extra difference, and a little goes a long way.  

For more tips and tricks from Anita, visit her Guides by Anita on her website.

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