Happy Officine is a movement for clean natural beauty products and sustainable business practices. It's not just a supply shop.

Only brands caring about the health of consumers and the planet have the privilege of being sold on Happy Officine’s website or in the boutique located in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland. Johan and Aline are the half Parisian, half Swiss couple behind the operation. They share a thirst for knowledge in a multitude of disciplines that shaped their unconventional paths as entrepreneurs.

Johan created his first business at the age of 19 and pursued several different fields. Before discovering his passion for responsible consumption and clean cosmetics, Johan also worked as a telecommunications engineer. Aline explored automotive design, music, and even philosophy before breaking into the beauty industry.

happy officine boutique interior

Aline and Johans' passion for clean beauty was ignited when one of their relatives was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. After her operation, the clinic gifted her a kit of beauty products. Aline and Johan were shocked to find that many of the products contained carcinogens and other toxic ingredients such as aluminum, parabens, phenoxyethanol, EDTA, and BHT.

The fact that a medical clinic was so undereducated about toxic ingredients opened their eyes to how uninformed the general public was about the subject. Toxin-free brands are hard to come by. Companies often hide behind clever marketing and basement level standards set by the government for what qualifies as a “clean” product.

Aline and Johan created Happy Officine to show the world that is committed to clean products and that being successful business owners is not mutually exclusive. With the right support of their committed team, they grew the business quickly. It now sells everything for daily beauty routines from makeup, skincare, and hair care products to baby lotion and maternity products. All toxin-free and responsibly sourced.

1. Why do you choose to work with NUORI?

They are excellent partners who work very well and offer very effective skincare products. Fresh, without preservatives, NUORI products were quickly appreciated by our customers who did not necessarily know them. The range is very complete, the smells very pleasant and the products super fun! 

2. What is your favorite NUORI product?

Without hesitation, the Vital Foaming Cleanser is an absolutely great product that does it all in one! It removes make-up (even the eyes), cleanses the face, does not sting the eyes, and exfoliates the skin every time. Its foam is very pleasant to use and it smells so good!

3. What is your definition of “Time Well Spent”?

Any time spent with family or any time spent studying, reading, meditating, and slowing down. A time well spent is a time away from screens, stress, false life problems. We have to take a step back from our lives and be thankful for the simple things.

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